I need to inform and educate everyone about about a very serious matter, it is in regards to a LARGE SCALE FRAUDULENT HORSE BUYING SCAM. People selling horses are receiving buyer inquiries from a third party regarding the purchase of a horse from a potential buyer in Nigeria, Africa, Holland or the US, the man usually says he is a Dr. or a vet. most corresponding address are a yahoo or or this inquiry commonly attempts to arrange the purchase of the horse with a US cashiers check covering the price of the horse plus shipping etc. You are then given a US contact and address. They commonly ask you to refund the shipping charges as part of a “finders’ fee” arrangement, or they over pay the amount or they say they owe there US Partner some money and can they make the check out for more then the purchase price and you can send there 'partner' the extra funds The cashier’s check that is sent is counterfeit. This fact is not uncovered by the banks until the 'extra' money have been paid from you and your 'good' account. To protect yourselves and others against this type of activity, it is important to try and obtain as much information about the buyer as possible, this information can be reported to the FBI and SECRET SERVICE. If anyone contacts you regarding the purchase of you horse and USES MY NAME; Melissa Fischbach please contact me promptly, If the e-mail looks suspicious, please conferm my identity and call me directly.

FREE HORSE SCAM: The Newest scam is that they post a friesian for sale or adoption, give you false information and photos. They give your some sob story and say they jsut want the horse to go to a good home, All you have to do is pay for transport to a 'company' or person they provide. You pay for this transport and of course you never get a horse, becuase it never existed and they are nowhere to be found.

for many of these scams the inital wording will be good but if you start asking allot of questions the spelling etc. will quickly fall to the wayside as english is not their first language. I suggest you always ask to see a copy of the registration papers etc. A Friend of mine, inquired after a 'free' horse and was given a copy of the registration papers, she went to and looked up the horse and called the owner of the horse on record. The lady said her horse was not for adoption or even for sale but she had posted the registration papers on her website for the mare becuse she was selling a foal, so that is where they stole it from... Always always cross reference before sending anyone money.