Hello I have chosen a few references for you to look at......Have something you want to say?...please drop me an e-mail, I have purposefully left initials only, should anyone require direct contact for references please let me know.


I have known Melissa for several years and consider her a good friend, but ironically we have never met! We have a great rapport over the phone and by e-mail and I have always found her helpful, informative and very knowledgeable when it comes to horses... especially Friesian or Andalusian horses. Melissa has been a great source for our breeding operation, both in helping us to sell our horses to qualified buyers and good homes, as well as helping us when purchasing a new horse. Her advice is sound and her services invaluable. She does a great job of representing the horse fairly for the seller as well as honestly to the buyer. She is certainly reasonable in her fees... as Friesian breeders we are lucky to have her as a resource. Melissa really promotes her referral service and anyone looking for a Friesian can easily locate her listings. Her website is well organized and easy to navigate. I really look forward to meeting her in person someday, and am glad for an opportunity to thank her for all her help over the years.
D.I. Oregon


Melissa was generous with her knowledge and experience, which I found invaluable as a first time seller. She helped me from beginning to end, from advice on setting marketable prices to the legal details of the final sale. Her promise to screen potential buyers is genuine - all the casual inquiries and flakey comments stopped - much to my relief. Yet, when there was a genuinely interested party, Melissa connected them to me immediately. Melissa is very fair and professional - there was never a sense of a hidden agenda or attempts to influence. She let the decisions be all mine, just offering advice as needed. As a private seller off the beaten path, it was hard to compete with breeders and brokers - I am convinced it would have taken me far longer to find a buyer without Melissa's contacts and her website's reach. I wouldn't hesistate an instant to recommend or use her services!
R.M, Washington

Melissa performed something akin to a miracle for me. Although I've had horses all my life, I got in over my head buying a beautiful Friesian with serious behavior problems. He was too much horse for me, and I was heartbroken to part with him. Melissa took him, managed to turn him around where other trainers had failed, and found him the perfect home in two months. If I hadn't experienced it directly, I would have put the chances of it working out happily like this at one in a thousand. A person of unimpeachable integrity, Melissa is both horse-savvy and an excellent businesswoman, a thorough professional and a delight to work with. If--God forbid--I should ever have to sell another horse, I would never go to anyone else!
M.T. California

Melissa was just great!! I was a newbie at selling horses and she explained all the processes to me fully and completely. I'm sure I probably sounded stupid to her, but she never once made me feel that way. She put my Andalusian stallion on her website around November of 2002 and by January 2003, HE WAS SOLD!! AMAZING!!! Even through the Christmas holiday. She new exactly what type of home he needed and she found it. I think her commission is extremely too low for the quality and personal service you get. She saved me time and money by sending out sales videos and talking to potential buyers on the phone. That's something a single mom with a young daughter is always short of. "TIME AND MONEY". I would recommend Melissa and her service to anyone looking to buy or sell a horse. She has made my horse selling experience quite painless. Thank you Melissa! T.S. Texas

I would sell A horse through Melissa's service anytime! She did an excellent job representing my Friesian and found a very suitable home. She was honest to the buyers and there were no suprizes. I highly recommend her service.

Melissa has an outstanding level of honesty and integrity coupled with an extensive knowledge of the Friesian horse and horses in general. We have listed all our horses with her since she started her service, and will continue to do so. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. S.M., Ontario, Canada.

My dealings with Melissa have been extremely professional and courteous. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the field of equines. I currently have several horses listed for sale and feel confident in her business ethics. I have meet Melissa personally and have found her to be sincere in her love for horses and her referral business. Thank You Melissa for providing a service with honesty and integrity to the horse community.
EC, California

To whom it may concern. I have been dealing with and listing horses with Melissa for over a year and am very pleased with her work ethics.. She has done a wonderful job of promoting the Friesian breed... Signed... D.D., Arizona

I have always enjoyed working with Melissa. She has always done a great job for me - whether selling horses, sending qualified buyers, creating logos or taking photos at shows. She is a talented and creative individual and an honest person to do business with. You can work with her with confidence!
L.B., California

Melissa [ US Friesian Referral Service] did an excellent jobof finding a wonderful and suitable home for my wonderful Friesian. Without a trainer---and the huge commissions that usually go along with buying and selling a horse, I was able to show Hylke ut 'e Mieden to several qualified buyers in a short period of time. Thanks so much for your professional and successful help in bringing together the buyer and seller of the incomparable Friesian.
Sincerely, J.G., California

Thank you Melissa for your honesty and ethics in the placement of our Friesian mare. It really helped us to reach people we would not have otherwise had contact with. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
T.R., Colorado

Melissa Fischbach was honest and friendly to deal with and represented my horse well. Her commission was fair and well-priced and should I ever wish to sell another horse, I would certainly choose her to do it.
J. B., Virginia

I had a very good experience with Melissa and her service. I had a yearling Friesian filly to sell named "Cashmere de Leoness" who I was able to find an exceptional home for thru Melissa and the US Friesian Referal Service. The service saved me time and money because Melissa screened all the potentual buyers so well. Lots of headaches too:-) It only took a wooping month to sell her!! I am very pleased with the result. "Cashmere" now has a wonderful new home and I have room for this coming years foals! Good job Melissa. Thank you

Melissa has sold two horses for me. Both horses went to very nice clients, who have kept in touch, I know they will be well cared for and loved. Melissa represented my horses with extreme honesty. She is also a very kind person who is concerned and aware of the homes horses are going to. I will be using her services again whether I buy or sell, as I trust her judgment.
N. R. California

I have found Melissa to be honest, ethical, and very patient in helping me find a buyer for my Friesian gelding. I am a dressage trainer and wish that there were more agents in the business like Melissa, who is professional, organized and effective in matching horses and owners. C.S. Arizona

Thank you Melissa for the help in selling my Friesian Stallion. I appreciate the fact that you screen your clients to find the perfect match. I know my stallion will be well taken care of and loved. Thank you again.
L.S.A. Santa Maria, CA