Dear Melissa- I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your wonderful web site! My family and I are the proud owners of our first Friesian, Bas. He just turned 8 and is 17hh and our baby. I learned dressage at an ‘older’ age (42) and was only able to ride for 2 yrs. However, time is a wonderful thing, and I am once again, a horse owner at the age of 50 and learning all over again! Your web site and insight to the breed has been a true benefit for our family with our experiences with Bas.

Melissa you are great, I spent allot of time asking around before I contacted anyone about buying a Friesian. I must tell you that you were the only person/seller/reference site, that no one had anything bad to say about. That says allot about you. You even took the the time to speak to me for a long time about horses that were not even for sale on your site, anyway your time and expertise are appreciated.

Melissa, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! you kindly provided me with a wealth of Information, I feel better informed now to confidently purchase my first Friesian.

OMG! Love the new TACK STORE!!! I want one of everything and thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me over the phone about Friesians.....

Wonderful site very informative, thank you for taking the time to provide all this information!

Melissa, I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you, you have the best Friesian site on the web!

Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say thank you for your great website, I wish i would have found it before I purchased my first Friesian, I could have avoided problems due to my lack of knowledge.

Hello, just a quick note of thanks, I found lots of instructive information on your site, I have even referred my trainer to read the 'Friesian training' information, as she is unfamiliar with the breed and I don't want to make any mistakes!

Great website! I look at it everyday and just drool! :-)

Wonderful website simply a wealth of information, thank you!

Melissa, Hello I love the site you answered all the questions I had about the Friesian breed, I will for sure buy from you when it come time for my purchase!.

To whom it my concern, I want to applaud you on your professional webpage, what a wealth of information.

Melissa, Fantastic site!, I have it bookmarked and visit often. Your site has really educated me on the Friesian breed, and I thank you personally for answering some of my other questions.

Love the website, you really share all your knowledge and information its really a great reference for us laymen.

Melissa, thank you for being so kind and patient regarding my questions on the Friesian breed, you and your site have been most helpful in the pursuit of my dream.

WOW! I felt like I was reading about my own horse! I wish i had found your site before I made a purchase!

I really Like the new tack store A+ on customer service!!!

Melissa, thank you for you patience, not many people will answer all the questions of a newbee!!!

Invaluable!, educational! this is a website loaded with information! I am duly impressed and wish I had found your site long ago.

Melissa, thank you for all your help and information even your willingness to look and comment honestly on horses not even for sale on your site, thank you again.

Honesty, integrity, who could say more tbut thank you!

I definate site to bookmark I keep coming back to read more Friesian Info again and again. Top notch resources! the best!