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The U.S.F.R.S

As of January 2014 The USFRS is closeing its door on selling friesians. There are so many sales sites out there that I cannot compeate. However since I have been in business since 1991 referring buyers and sellers. I am still open to helping people find the right match.

WOULD YOU LIKE A SECOND OPINION on a Friesian your looking at? For $30.00 per horse, I would be happy to do that will review video footage bloodlines and registration. Please send me an e-mail and let me know how many horses you would like me to review and I will send you an invoive

Brief ABOUT ME: I have been in business since 1991, I have an excellent reputation for dealing honestly with people, I am an upper level Dressage rider and a certified Equine Appraiser, I have owned ridden and been involved with the Friesian breed for years.

The U.S. Friesian Referral Service, Does Horse reviews only. USFRS assumes no responsibility in the actual sale. Buyers assume all risks involved in or arising out of an Equine purchase. There shell be no warranties ether assumed or un-assumed, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, any IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS, IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, SPECIFIC PURPOSE OR USE. There shell be no warranties or assurences ether assumed or un-assumed to guarantee the integrity, or honesty of a buyer or seller.

CLICK HERE for suggested PRE-PURCHASE RECOMMENDATIONS. And also please Review our Friesian Training Q& A and History Info. for more insight into the breed.