A.R.T. HORSES & Melissa Fischbach Instructor at A.R.T. Riding, Training or Schooling various horses

Watch a video clip of Melissa Fischbach on Black Orpheus,
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PRE gelding "Atila"

Melissa Fischbach on her Friesian Stallion 'Tsjibbe' 1990- 2014, he will be rememberd as my most favorite horse.
Friesian Gelding "Deoro" 1999-2022 Schooling

Click here to watch a Video of Melissa on Deoro nov. 2007 ( Windows Media Player)

Lipizzan Gelding 'Siglavy Kana' 1984-2015 performing the extended trot, lie down, a bow, and showing at 4th level pictured in canter flying change and Trot half pass (show photos by Kelly Doust)

Sacremento Western States Horse Expo 2007 Riding Gypsy Vanner Gelding 'Dino' for DragonFire Gypsies

With Andalusian stallion 'Emperador XL' performing a bow, Laydown and Sit

With Paint mare 'Kachina' in pesade

With Andalusian Stallion 'Jocoso XII' performing lateral work in the trot, spanish walk, the levade, Pieffe, Lavade and the bow

Friesian Gelding 'Auke' performing Spanish Walk(age 20) and piaffe (age 18),and in Colonel Costume getting ready for demonstration ride at Dressage In the Wine Country (age 19) (Passed away 1981-2007 thank you my friend for all your kindness)

On 21 yr old Friesian Gelding 'Doeke' performing Passage, (Passed away 1982- 2003, may he enjoy horse heaven)

With Friesian 'Arjen' in collected trot, extended trot, and Spanish walk

with Friesian 'zorro' schooling, with Friesian 'Valentino' Schooling

With Lipizzan Mare 'Betina' both preforming legs crossed trick

With Russian Orlov "Misha' in extended trot

With my first horse 'Amigo' (unknown breed) in pasade. he was in his late 20's (passed away at age 38 in 1999, thank you for being my first teacher)

With my 1990's TB horse 'Beau Dux' Competing at 4th level and at home schooling pieffe, also long onto greener pastures