Photo: M.Fischbach

    Melissa Fischbach will travel to give clinics and also offers private riding lessons on Schoolmasters.
    Due to Injury Melissa no longer accepts horses in Training.

    Students learn a solid foundation in effective riding ~
    ~ The importance of position and balance, and how it affects your horse.
    ~ To ride with the horse in rhythm and self carriage.
    ~ To use clear, concise and minimal aids for desired results.
    ~ To reward for the effort and be pleased with the smallest achievement.
    ~ To learn and master techniques you can take home and utilize yourself.

    Here are a few A.R.T. student photos:
    Some of these students are full time students of dressage, others ride western, hunt seat or for pleasure. But all have a drive to learn to ride in balance with their horses and for their horse to learn to carry themselves in a healthier way. The photos are by yours truly, and are all from clinics and lessons.